Office Description

The Office of Alcohol & Other Drug Services (AODS), a unit within Harvard University Health Services, is a multidimensional resource for students - and for faculty, staff, and members of the larger Harvard University community* who may have concerns about students - offering a wide range of programs and services aimed at reducing the negative consequences associated with heavy, episodic drinking and substance abuse through prevention, education, intervention, policy development and coordination with treatment providers. AODS collaborates with students and staff throughout the University to create a comprehensive substance abuse prevention program focused on the health and safety of Harvard students.

Update Regarding Ongoing Services 3/11/20

Ongoing Support

The office of alcohol and Other Drug Services (AODS) will continue to serve as a resource to all students as they leave campus.

Currently, we encourage any students who feel they could benefit from consultation with the AODS office to email While the office is still open, we are happy to offer phone consultations by appointment at this time.

When to contact the office

As always AODS encourages those who choose to engage in use to be mindful and reflective about their choices. We encourage you to contact the AODS office to schedule a consultation if you:

  1. are considering a change in your current use.
  2. notice an undesired change in frequency or quantity of use.
  3. notice an increase in unwanted effects from your use.
  4. express concern or questions regarding your use.
  5. have questions regarding your motivation behind use.
  6. have questions or are seeking more information regarding substance use.

BASICS Appointments

For students who had previously contacted the office regarding BASICS appointments we will be contacting you as soon as we have determined a method to deliver a comparable level of support remotely. If you have questions regarding the BASICS program, please feel free to contact the office.

Note to HUGHP Members:

Harvard University Group Health Plan (HUGHP), a health insurance plan for Harvard faculty, staff and their families, contracts with Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Managed Care Behavioral Health Network) for behavioral health services, including alcohol and other drug services. For all inquiries, please call 1-877-566-2583 or follow the HUGHP Website link.